The teachers are great. They love the kids and do a great job of teaching but even more of being great role models for the girls. The environment is safe and an encouraging one. They do age appropriate dances and costuming. Seeing other studios really make me thankful for Ovation and how they have a high standard for their dancers. They have always been affordable from tuition and costuming. Ovation has always been good to work with, especially us with multiple kids. From the Tiny Tutus class to the Performing Company, Ovation is a great place for kids to learn to love dancing. I highly recommend it anyone.
-Angie (Aubrie & Payton's Mom)

Ovation Studios uses age appropiate curriculum, customized for each type of class. The teachers are great, planning fun and educational lessons every week. 
-Rachel (Abigail's Mom)

I like dance class because it is fun. I like the dance moves. Ballet is my favorite. 
-Addison (student)

Well I like to dance because I do! That's what I do. I just love dancing!
-Adelaide (student)

My daughter enjoys learning cool new dances. I enjoy the easy payment plan and that the staff is nice and easy to talk to.
-Sheila (Brooklyn's Mom)

What I love about dance is that you can express your feelings and learn new, cool, dances. Ovation Studios is a great place to make new friends. I'm there 4 nights a week and I wouldn't want to be anywhere else. 
-Olivia (student)

"I love, love, LOVE dance class!" That's what my 3 year old daughter says about her dance class at Ovation Studios. As a parent, I wonder how I'm suppose to know if enrolling this young of a child in a class is a good idea. After all, am I doing it for her or for myself? But after seeing her eyes light up and her spirit soar, every single time we walk through those studio doors... I know I made the right decision for her. The knowledge and professionalism I see from the instructors and the staff at Ovation further confirms this decision for me. Enrolling her not only gives her the opportunity to learn fun dance routines, she learns to follow instructions from someone other than her parents and work as a team with other little girls her age...
Shandy (Natalie's Mom)

I like that I learn new stuff and learn new dances. I also made lots of new friends. My teachers are super nice. I love to dance!
Isabel (student)

With each passing year, I see a confidence in my daughter's stage presence. She has made wonderful friends and they encourage each other so much. Thank you Ovation for treating our kiddos with such kindness and respect. Awesome teachers who work so hard.
-Mishell (Jalynn's Mom)

I enjoy ballet because it's all about gracefulness and prettiness, and it's fun to come back every week!
-Abby (student)

We heard what a wonderful studio Ovation was, so we decided to try it out. My daughter LOVES it! She has learned so much and always looks forward to her class. She would go every day if she could! She enjoys her teacher and has made serveral friends. I look forward to her continued growth in the months/years to come.
-Jennifer (Hailey's Mom)

I like being with my friends and teachers at Ovation. That makes dance class fun.
-Abbi (student)

My experience with Ovation has been nothing but outstanding.  I’m so glad that I chose them for my daughter’s dance studio.  She is almost six now and has been going to Ovation for the past two seasons and she totally loves it.  It’s her absolute most favorite place to go.  The teachers and staff are nothing but nice and extra helpful, and she gets the training that she needs in a fun environment.  I would recommend Ovation to anyone.
-Mistie (Allie's Mom)

When Carly was three, we heard about Ovation studios opening in Carthage .  She has been in love with dancing ever since.  The teachers and staff are so professional, encouraging to each students’ needs,  and very helpful.  They care so deeply about all their students.  I love how they greet each student by name.  On top of being such great teachers, they are so organized.  The newsletters help a busy parent like myself stay organized with dance information,  and the end of the year recital is so organized and well planned.  I can’t ask for more for my daughter.  I would encourage every parent to check out Ovation Studios.  Thank you for a job well done.   
-Jennifer (Carly’s mom)

My favorite thing about Ovation Studios is all the wonderful friendships and amazing opportunities I get. And the teachers!
-Emmalee (student)

I love that my daughter has learned to have the self confidence and trust in her abilities!
-Stormy (Zoey's Mom)                                      

I love that the teachers inspire up to do our best on and off the stage!                                                                                                                    

Ovation Studios allows us to see our friends, learn new things, and has given us an overall great experience!
-Sarah (Ambree's Mom)